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3 days in London

To start I just wanted to apologize to all my readers for the very delayed post on my recent trip to London. Having just started a new semester and all the other craziness that comes with January I have been off my game. However I am very thankful for each reader I have. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did writing it!

After having spent three days in Dublin my group then boarded our short flight to London where we would spend the last part of our trip. I have been to London once before for a weekend visit when abroad and loved it. London is a massive city rich with history and culture. There is so much to do from museums, to shows, to night life. I know it is definitely a city I will continue to visit throughout my life.

Three days in London though is not a lot of time and if you want to make the most of your trip then I highly suggest planning ahead. Do some research and decide what is most important to you, but also make some time for spontaneous adventures as well.

Budget friendly London

Many of the museums in London are free and have exquisite galleries and collections you can get lost in for hours. The parks and markets are also beautiful places to stroll through and enjoy for free.

While in the city I visited the Victorian and Albert museum located between Kensington and Knightsbridge. The V & A is a world renowned museum of art and design, situated right beside the Science museum and National History museum. We chose to spend our time in the V & A because art and design is one of my passions and London is the center for it.

There the V & A had gorgeous galleries of statues, jewels, paintings, furniture and costume design. I felt like a child in a candy store. Each room was mesmerizing. What I find to be the best part of these museums being free is you can freely pop in and out of them and not worry about having wasted money.

Another free aspect of London I strongly encourage everyone who visits to see, are the beautiful and unique markets. Two of my favorite markets in London are Camden Market and Borough Market. Camden Market is located in Camden, a quirky and young part of London that is full of energy. There you can find delicious street food, hand made crafts and clothes and also some high-end look-a-like items. Whereas Borough Market is known for their fresh produce, meats and cheese and its surrounding local cuisine. It’s located in the heart of London right beside the London Bridge.

These are only a couple options to the vast amounts of free things you can do in London. If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments below!

Magical aspects of London

Once you’ve saved a little money on the free aspects of London here are some suggestions to where you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

If you have a sweet tooth like me and love to find Instagram-worthy food then you must check out the Milk Train. Here you can choose from three flavors of ice cream and add up to three toppings. The best part, your ice cream cone is surrounded by delicious and picturesque cotton candy. It truly tastes as good as it looks.

Another fun stop not too far from the Milk Train is London’s very own Ice bar. For twenty pounds you get to have a forty-five minute experience in a bar fully made of ice. You’re ticket also includes one drink while in the bar. I thought I would want more time inside but even with the provided poncho and my coat the coldness was a bit to bearable after a while. I personally thought my money was well spent to be able to experience an ice bar. The ice designs are incredible and there aren’t many ice bars around the world so it’s pretty extraordinary.

If you’re feeling something a bit more classic London then I think a trip on the London Eye is worth the wait. Thomas and I purchased the champagne experience. This allowed us a fast pass and a glass of champagne while on the Eye. The view is breath taking and you get to meet wonderful people and ask your director any questions about London.

Lastly I could not leave London without visiting Warner Brother Studios the Harry Potter tour. If you’re like me then you grew up both watching the movies and reading the books. I am whisked away to a happier time whenever anyone even mentions Harry Potter. Visiting the studios was a dream come true and worth every cent we spent on it. I do highly suggest planning your trip in advance, due to tickets selling out months ahead of time. The Warner Brother Studios is a bit outside of London, but easily located by train. There you can get lost on the self-guided tour for hours and experience the magic of Harry Potter all over again.

London is an incredible city with unique people and attractions. There is something there for everyone no matter what you’re into. I hope this post gives you just a few ideas of all the incredible things you can do while there!




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