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7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer

The summer is approaching quickly and you know what this means, lots and lots of traveling. I am someone who loves to travel and as my last summer vacation before entering the “real world” begins I plan to travel as much as possible. This summer I will be going to Israel, Greece and driving cross country to move to California. Through my years of traveling and extensive research I have found my top 7 beauty essential products that are a must when traveling.

7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer


Did you know, you can get sunburn while on an airplane? I sure as hell didn’t, but it does make a lot of sense. While flying you are a lot closer to the sun than tanning by a pool and while the window glass blocks some UV rays it doesn’t block them all. So when flying, especially for long international flights, make sure to wear sunscreen and possibly close the window shade.


Moisturizers, particularly with a light SPF, are a necessity when traveling. Your skin will be stressed from long flights or car rides and will need an extra boost. So this is something you can’t forget. I suggest this moisturizer below, its light weight, doesn’t get greasy and has a 20 SPF.

Here are some sunscreens, moisterizures and other products I love.*

Face mist

You may be thinking, why do I need a face mist? But let me tell you, it will change your life, not really, but there are so many benefits to a face mist like the Mario Badescu rosewater mist. It’s refreshing, moisturizing and helps both prime your face for make up as well as set your make up! The bottle pictured above and below is almost out so I’ll be purchasing a mini bottle to take with me while I travel!

7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer

Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes

Planes, cars, phones and just about anything you touch is crawling with germs. The last thing you want while traveling is to get a cold. One easy way to help with this is by packing hand sanitizer. Also wiping down surfaces like your phone can really help keep you from getting sick.

Water, water, water

We’re told all the time how important water is for us, well this doesn’t change when you’re traveling. You may want to only splurge on wine, or not seem like a tourist when carrying around your water bottle, but it is beyond worth it. Staying hydrated can help your skin, immune system, digestive system and so many other aspects of your body. Enjoy the local drinks of course, but make sure you’re getting plenty of H2O as well!

7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer

(Glasses from Urban Outfitters, Outfit from Aerie and Southern Belle)

Ear plugs and eye masks

If you’re a light sleeper than this is a must. I have learned that bringing ear plugs and an eye masks when I travel has made a huge difference with helping me get more restful sleep. When I’m traveling I never want to waste any time by going to bed early or sleeping in. So, to help get more restful sleep with what little time I have these are essential.

Emergency C or Airborne

Giving your immune system a little boost before you travel, and during, will help make your travel experience all the more enjoyable. Again, getting sick while traveling can ruin plans, be expensive and also uncomfortable. So while every sickness can’t be avoided, boosting your immune system can really help avoid many germs.

I hope these tips helped and that your summer will be full of beautiful destinations. If I missed any beauty travel necessities in my list please let me know in the comments below!

7 Beauty products essential for traveling this summer

*Disclaimer, some of the links listed above are affiliate links. This means that any time you click on these links and purchase a product I recieve a small portion of the profits. This is no extra charge to you and helps me maintain my blog! Thank you in advanced!

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