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Fall FabFitFun

I’ve been postponing this post for quite some time but it is finally feeling like fall in the south and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My fall Fabfitfun box came in and it was filled with so many goodies and surprises. However if you haven’t jumped on the fabfitfun box train yet don’t worry because you can still order the editors box.

The editors box is filled with fan favorites as well as new items not seen in other boxes. I’m tempted to get one for myself!

Beauty in the box

Beauty products are fun, but can be quite expensive to try. This is another one of the many reasons why I love fabfitfun. Their team has already tried out and chosen some of their favorite beauty products for us at a major discount. In the fall box came an apple cider vinegar hair rinse from DP Hue, a renewing mud mask from Whish, a gorgeous lip crayon from Trestique, and lavender cuticle oil from Deco Miami.

Each product is truly great. The hair rinse left my hair feeling soft and healthy and it came in super handy when I ran out of shampoo and conditioner! The mud mask made my face feel exfoliated and soft. While the lip crayon is a nude pink that smells heavenly. Lastly the cuticle oil helps my nails stay healthy and strong.

Miscellaneous Goodies

The box doesn’t just contain beauty products though. There is a plethora of goodies in there that you never knew how badly you needed them.

IMM Living Jewlery Holder is pictured above and it is a darling place to put your jewelry on. The myTagalongs Hot/Cold Pack has really come in handy this past weekend for me when by shoulders were killing from work. Lastly Cottonelle cloths are really great for when you want a little extra care in the bathroom!

My favorites

Now for my favorite items in the box! The fashion items! I was thankful enough to work with Gabby Whiten Photography and get some wonderful shots. The Jet Set Diaries Beanie, Private Party Denim Gym Bag and lastly the Mer-Sea Scarf are the best.

In the photos I showcase multiple ways to wear the ombred pink scarf for fall! It is gorgeous and extremely soft. One word of advice though would be to not wear it with black, because though I thought it made for great photos it actually left a ton of lint everywhere. So if you are going to wear it with black make sure to bring a
lint roller.

Hope y’all enjoyed my post on fabfitfun. I am in no way getting paid for this post, I simply truly love their products! It is an easy subscription box that comes out seasonally. Check out my first editors box post here.

Also a big shout out to Gabby Whiten for the gorgeous photos. If you are in the Chapel Hill/ Raleigh-Durham area and are looking for a great photographer then I highly suggest using Gabby, here’s a link to her Instagram.

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