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February & March favorites – skin care, razors and more

February is the month of love, right? Well I’m sharing with y’all some of the things I’ve loved this month and that are getting me through winter. I recently started a new skin care routine that was inspired by the Korean Skin care trends. Then, I’m sharing some of my favorite makeup products and a razor subscription I could not live without.

Favorite products

6 step skin care routine

Korean Skin care has been all the rage lately and includes a variety of cleansers, serums, toners, mists, moisturizers and more. From my researching and favorite bloggers I’ve determined what I believe are the most important tips when it comes to Korean skin care.

Introduce new products slowly

First, introduce new products slowly. Your skin can only take so many new products without freaking out. I learned this from one of my favorite skin care bloggers, Sharmili. So instead of buying the nine step beginners kit, start by introducing some new steps with products your skin is already familiar with. Add an extra cleanser or a serum/mist.

I understand that having two cleansers sounds strange, but it’s actually very helpful. The first cleanser should be an oil based cleanser. For this I use virgin coconut oil from Trader Joes. This step helps remove makeup, dirt, or any extra stuff that may have gotten on your face throughout the day. Then the second cleanser is a water based cleanser. This one is to really cleanse your face and start that fight against breakouts.

Second, hydration is key. This applies to both hydrating through drinking plenty of water and through applying a moisturizer that fits your skin type. I use a very basic moisturizer because I find it’s both hydrating and doesn’t leave my face oily throughout the day.

Each person’s skin is different so what fits me may not fit you. There are millions of products out there though so don’t fret. I suggest looking at the ingredients to make sure there aren’t a lot of extra chemicals that may cause more breakout or your skin to be dehydrated. Also talk to your local dermatologist if your skin is extremely stubborn and you can’t seem to find anything to work. So many factors go into what makes our skin break out so it may take time finding what change can help. Here’s my step by step skin care routine.

Mikayla’s routine

1. Trader Joe’s Virgin Coconut oil

2. Neutrogena facial cleanser

3. Exfoliant, Kate Somerville

4. Sheet mask (Not an everyday step)

5. Moisturizer

6. Mario Badesoe Rose Facial Mist

6b. SPF during the day (if not included in moisturizer)

Regardless of what skin care routine you decide to go with simply take care of your skin. Wash your makeup off every night (even when your tired) and stay hydrated. These two simple steps done with consistency can provide fantastic results.

Favorite skin care, razors and makeup

A game changing razor

One thing I hate is constantly buying necessities. Things like toilet paper or tampons. I wish they were just free, but sadly the world isn’t perfect. What helps though is subscription purchases. If you haven’t heard of the Dollar Shave Club yet then you need to check it out. It is a razor delivered to your door with the following months delivering cartridges. The first month is only a dollar and so worth a try. For myself I only get refills every other month because the razors are such high quality that they last longer. If you don’t try anything else from my blog then you need to try this!

Makeup essentials

Two makeup items I could not live without are highlighter and a great eye shadow pallet. And ColourPop makes these even easier to use. I love their super shock highlighters that can be used not only to create that perfect dewy look but also can double as a gorgeous and bright, eye shadow. Then to complete my look, whether for casual days or all night long adventures I use the Dream St. pressed powder shadow palette. This palette has all the colors you need for both simple and complex eye makeup.

My number one tip when using the palette is try using the Water Bearer color as eye liner. I love using eye shadow as eye liner and this shade of cool teal makes my green eyes pop. If you’re looking for a full review of Colourpop makeup check out this post here.

Colour Pop eye palette

I hope y’all enjoyed learning about just a few of my must have products and would love to hear some products y’all can’t live without. Also big shout out to Gabby for these incredible photos.


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