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New year new place

As many of you know I started a New Years tradition this past year to spend each New Years in a new place. It’s not only exciting but liberating as well. Being in a new place surrounded by people I may not know and embracing a different culture’s traditions ignites my adventurous spirit and sets a remarkable tone for the year.

This year has been full of ups and downs and what better way to celebrate another year in the books than by traveling with those you love? In just a few days I will be heading to the U.K. and kicking off the year in both Dublin and London. My boyfriend, Thomas, and I will be traveling with EF Ultimatebreak, and if you are wondering what it’s like to travel with this tour company, check out one of my older posts here. I’m also sharing some NYE looks that are classic, easy and fun in this post!

new year new place new years eve looksnew year new place new years eve looksnew year new place new years eve looks

My 2017 review

It’s still strange to me that a whole year has already passed by, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun. 2017 was a mixed basket of both good times and hard times. The political climate has left many afraid and questioning the future, but it has also ignited a spark in many of us. I am especially proud of all the women this year who have bravely spoken out and stood up for not only themselves but for all those who felt they couldn’t (myself being one of them). Change is slowly taking place and this leaves me feeling hopeful for what’s to come next.

This past year I also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to two new countries, meet my incredible boyfriend, adopt my adorable dog Lucky and start this blog. The list could go on and on and while there were multiple bad times in 2017 as well, I’m going to focus on the good. I’m also going to continue to strive in 2018 to make more wonderful memories and share these with y’all in hopes to inspire each of you to try new things, travel new places and meet new people!

new year new place new years eve looksnew year new place new years eve looksnew year new place new years eve looks

The U.K.

On the 29th we board a flight and head to Dublin where we will explore a new city and meet our traveling guests. Having never been to Dublin, or Ireland in general, I am excited to experience another culture and ring in the new year with new friends. After a few days there we head to London to finish out our trip. I have visited London once before for a weekend and loved every second of it. London is a magnificent city full of new and old. I am thrilled to be able to head back and explore more of the city.

If you would like to know more of what I’ll be doing while on my trip check out one of my recent posts here. And if you have any suggestions for while in London and Dublin please leave me a comment down below.

2017_DALB_dalb-42017_DALB_dalb-6Photos courtesy of EF Ultimate break

New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a time for celebrating a years past and welcoming a fresh start. What better way to do that then in a classic, easy and fun look. This new year I’m channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn and wearing a little black dress paired with black knee high boots. Pair this classic outfit with some fun makeup and accessories and you can’t go wrong!

For this make up look I used Colour Pop’s Dream Street palette and layered on the sparkles! I also found this incredible makeup brush review that I wanted to share with y’all. They review over 70 companies brushes ranging from cheap to expensive, you can find it here!

Black knee high boots perfect for new yearsBlack knee high boots perfect for new yearsColour Pop eye palettedc776f_b91f5f3fd630457e998907a22a04c3b0_mv2_d_4000_5298_s_4_2New Year New Place New years lookNew year new places new looks

Have a wonderful and safe New Year’s everyone and thank you for all the love and support over this past year. Also thank you again Gabby for the incredible photos! Check her work out here.

Outfit details! Boots here, other items similar down below.

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