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Night and day makeup tips and tricks

My apologies for the delay in my weekly post. I am currently in the Bay Area for my sister’s wedding and visiting with family and friends. It is such an exciting time here and being out here reminds me of how much I love Northern California. I will be sharing with y’all some exciting things over the next week so stay tuned!

Night and day makeup tips and tricks

Makeup can be fun, give a boost of confidence and allow one to express their creativity. It can also be a nightmare. For those looking for some easy to follow makeup tips and tricks for both day and night then you’ve come to the right place.

 I am no makeup artist or expert, but have a love for it. Through the years I have experimented with numerous, brands, colors, brushes, sponges and everything else you could possibly imagine. All of this experimenting has led me to products I love that are both from the drug store and a higher end lines. It has also allowed me to find specific techniques and colors that work best for me.

 You do not need makeup to be beautiful, you are already stunning.

 If you haven’t tried any experimenting in the makeup department I strongly encourage you to do so. Don’t stress if you wind up hating the look you try, just wipe it off and try something else. Always remember, you do not need makeup to be beautiful, you are already stunning. Makeup is just an assistant to highlight certain aspects you love or show off your creativity!

My Products

After years and years of battling acne, my face has finally cleared up a bit, allowing me to go light on the cover up and foundation. My go tos are Maybelline Superstay better skin concealer, which I use as a light foundation and Rimmel London Stay Mate long-lasting pressed powder. I’ll discuss how I apply them later on. They can be purchases at any Wallgreens or CVS.

For brushes I love Elf’s line of brushes. They are simple, affordable and do the job. I replace mine every couple of months to ensure bacteria stays to a minimum.

Now for the fun part! Eyeshadows are my absolute favorite makeup! They can be used to not only make intense and creative looks that make your eyes pop, but can also be used for eyebrow tent. I also use a black eyeshadow as my eyeliner. The two eye shadow pallets I have most recently been using are, Realher Do Your Squats shadow palette and In the Buff natural nudes eye colour palette. You can purchase them here and here.

For mascara I absolutely love Wet n Wild Max Fanatic cat eye mascara. Then I use ColourPop Flextarian Super Shock Cheek for highlighter and elf contouring blush and bronzer for the cheeks. I also use ColourPop Co-Pilot Super Shock Shadow for the corners of the eyes or a bright cheek. These can be purchased here and here.

Day to Day

For day-to-day wear I like to go light on the makeup. I’m typically a busy bee running around everywhere so the lighter the makeup means less to sweat off as the day goes on. I start with placing concelear under the eyes in a triangular shape and then a little bit to cover up any blemishes. I typically let it sit there for a second while I do my eye shadow.

On the eyes during the day I go with a light color and typically stick to one or two shades over the entire eyelid. Once applied I then blend in my concealer in a downward direction to ensure the little hair fuzz we all have on our face doesn’t stand up.

I then apply mascara, pressed powder and a bit of blush to help bring some color into my face. I then look in the mirror and remind myself I am a bomb ass woman ready to make the world a better place!


When getting ready for the night life I typically like to do my eyes a bit bolder. I’ve thankfully been blessed with the ability to simply know how to do my eye makeup. However, for those not as lucky I’ll take you through my steps. I use a wide eye shadow brush to apply a base layer on my entire lid, typically a light brown or pink color.

I then transition to a smaller brush and add a bit darker of a color to the end corners of my eyes, moving towards the center of the lids. Then I finish with a darker color on the very ends of my eyes in a triangular shape and apply eye liner lightly or a cat eye if I’m feeling sassy. Mascara is last and I apply it in threes, swooshing out towards the ends, then up in the middle and then out towards the creases to really get full coverage.

I do the same application of my concealer and press powder, but I then add a bit of highlighter with my fingers to the tops of my cheek and bronzer at my cheek bone line. Blush is then applied in the middle of the two and then I finish with setting powder. For my brows I use a brown eye shadow and then eye shadow brush to fill in and darken my brows just a bit.

Occasionally I also add a bold lip with my ColourPop ultra matte lips. They are easy and stress free to use, no lip pencil or primer needed. I then feel, once again, bad ass and powerful ready to have a fun night!


Remember to have fun when doing your makeup and if you mess up, it’s perfectly alight. If you have any questions or want more tips and tricks leave me a comment below!

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