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Shock, Sparkle, Pop — ColourPop

Trying new makeup can be exciting, but it can also be scary. With a million different makeup brands out there it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth the investment. Lately I had been seeing more and more advertisements and hype over the brand ColourPop and after checking out their site I was convinced to give them a try.

ColourPop’s products are extremely budget friendly, typically ranging from $5 to $20 dollars depending if it’s a single item or a pallet. For my first purchase I decided to go with a little bit of everything. They offer free shipping with purchases of $30 or more and also give new customers $5 off their first orders, so of course I had to spend $35 before discounting to get the full deal.

Throughout my browsing I decided to go with a super-shock highlighter, a super-shock eye shadow, a brow pencil, a metallic gold lip color that was on sale and a 3 pack of bold lip colors. All these items had good reviews and I choose ones that looked best on models with similar complexion to my own.

Super-shock is exactly what these products are

After ordering, the package took a little over a week to get here, which is typical for free/ standard shipping, but I was itching to try these new looks. I was most excited for the highlighter to get in because my old one had been used up for quite some time and I’m a girl who always likes to shine!

My order arrived in an envelope rather than a box, however, upon opening the envelope I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging of each individual item. The pictures below don’t do the products true justice. The super shock highlighter and eye shadow surpassed all of my expectations .

Super-shock is exactly what these products are. They are packaged in white pots and are a crème like texture. These products are perfect for building or blending for any look and don’t smudge or seep into creases over time. You can wear these super-shock products for day-to-day or a night out on the town and you will not be disappointed in the glow.  I have yet to purchase some new brushes for applying these products, they suggest a flat synthetic foundation or eye shadow brush, but one’s fingers work just as well.
Moving on to the lip products their name says it all, Ultra satin and Ultra matte. The lip bundle I purchased is called Out and About and has two different shades of deep rose, one satin and one matte, as well as muted pink or light brown almost. I am new to lip colors but love these deep colors for nights out. However they are not my particular style for simple day-to-day wear.

When wearing these colors into work, as a waitress, I found they held up pretty well. The color still transferred some to my drink’s straw or cup and I had to reapply after eating food, but that’s something I always expect. The matte finish on the Ultra Matte lips was done very well but left my lips a bit dry, seeping into the cracks. I suggest if you are going to wear the Ultra Mattes base your lips prior with Vaseline or oil to insure they stay hydrated. The satin lip however was my favorite of the three. The color was deep rose but not quite red, I think it matches perfectly with dark color clothing.

The other two products I purchased individually were the metallic gold lip, extremely fun for nights out and a brow pencil. The brow pencil was thin with one side of color and one side for an eyebrow brush. While I loved the brush and the color, I feel like it will not last me very long, but for the price I was still satisfied with my purchase.

Overall I have fallen in love with ColourPop! Their products are high quality at a fantastic price. If you’re looking to try out something new then ColourPop should definitely be your next go to!

A sneak peak at my next post about my time in Quebec City, Canada. In photo wearing super-shock highlighter and eye shadow. 


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