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Spontaneous trip to Charleston, SC

If you know me then you know that I love adventures! Whether it’s exploring a new place or trying to conquer a fear, I love it all. So when my plans to go snowboarding in Boone, NC were ruined due to bad weather I wasn’t about to waste the weekend. I had never been to Charleston before, so with Jack down to drive we took off for the sun!

I’m going to share with y’all some places to explore for a brief weekend in the beautiful and historic city of Charleston!

Day one

After the nice drive down we arrived at our last-minute-booked hotel, dropped off our stuff, and headed into downtown Charleston. The weather was in the high sixties versus the mid forties from back home, so we made sure to have our walking shoes on. I suggest parking along E Bay Street, E Battery, or Concord Street so you can walk along the bay and enjoy the lovely breeze.

Along the walk into downtown, we were told to stop by one of the many gorgeous parks filled with beautiful Angel Oak trees. They are perfect for romantic and southern-charmed photo sessions. The parks are also filled with historic monuments, cannons and plenty of dog walkers. Once in the city we strolled through the town enjoying the pastel color houses, beautiful architecture and unique boutiques and restaurants.

After stopping in to window shop a bit, we made our way to the Charleston City Market. The city market has been around since American Colonial days and is filled with local souvenirs such as sweet grass baskets, hand carved wood and stone figurines, and even hand crafted jewelry. Regardless of what you’re into you can find it at the Charleston City Market. Once you’re a bit exhausted of shopping, head to the boardwalk to take in the beautiful sunset and listen to some local musicians welcome in the night.


The perfect night

 At night we ubered to dinner right off King Street at the delicious Penne et Vino (thanks Molly Phillips for the suggestion). Penne is an intimate and beautiful Italian restaurant. There we enjoyed our wine and pasta with some live jazz in the background. It was a truly wonderful experience.

After dinner, we decided to stroll down the city’s main street — King Street. We first popped into the bar/club called Republic. There was no cover, and they had both a DJ on the inside and a live cover band on the patio. We got some drinks and enjoyed the music and atmosphere. One surprising thing that stood out to us about Charleston’s night life was the vast number of bachelor and bachelorette parties that were going on. It seemed as if the bars were full of them.

Once we left Republic, we headed just up the street to a rooftop bar called Stars. There we mingled with some locals, danced a bit and enjoyed the rest of our night out in the beautiful city.

Day two

The weather on Sunday was so nice that we decided to head over to Folly Beach for the day. There we strolled along the beautiful beach barefoot and pet every dog that passed. The water was freezing or else we would have jumped in; however, the dogs didn’t seem to mind. We enjoyed some local beach food and shopping before we walked along the pier simply enjoying the sounds and sights of the beach.


Charleston is a gorgeous city full of life and history that is worth a short or long visit. I know I’ll definitely be heading back there once the weather heats up even more. If you have any other Charleston suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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