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I love wine and sharing my passion for wine! However, the way I learned about wine was through trying it day in and day out here in Wine Country California. Living here has exposed me to countles varietals as well as production styles. I am able to try and purchase wines at an incredible discount from shopping directly from the wineries versus retail. I know that not everyone can afford to come out here, so I sought out a way to help my friends try new wines without breaking the bank. is the best way to try new and different wines from the comfort of your home. I’ve teamed up with to allow you to try your first full case of wine for $100 off, click here.

(Throughout this post I will be referencing the Naked Wines company as for legal purposes)


Why it’s worth it is worth trying for so many reasons. For one, they work to cut out the extra costs of the middle men. To get wine from California, or abroad, to your local grocery store or restaurant includes a ton of extra costs that accumulate so the distributors, grocers or restaurants can make a profit. eliminates these so the wine is at an incredible discounted rate. (A great explanation of how this system works can be found on

The wine you’ll receive is top quality because it is coming from small, independent wine makers rather than mass producers. Instead of investing in large corporations, you can invest in people who are pursuing their dreams to make amazing wines. The ones I tried I genuinely loved, and I’ll leave more in depth reviews of those below. guarantees 100% money back if you do not like their wine. This is huge! How many places in the world can you go where you try something and then if you simply don’t like it, you get your money back?

Their website is also extremely helpful in finding what types of wines you are looking for. They have different filters for wine styles, as well as ratings from hundreds of people who have tried the wine for themselves. (pictures below)

How it works is an online wine retail shop that works directly with independent winemakers to help them sell their wines directly to consumers. This cuts out the middle men such as distributors and grocery stores to help keep the cost of the wine down.

They have two ways in which you can purchase wine through their site. One is to simply go through the individual wines and pick your favorites. For this option there are shipping requirements of either half a case, 6 bottles, or a full case, 12 bottles. Down below I will show you the 6 wines I tried and my personal thoughts and ratings on them.

The second way is by becoming a Angel. Simply put, a angel is a member who commits to depositing $20-$40 a month. This money is invested into the wine makers and allows for you to receive 40-60% off any wine. This money can be taken back at anytime or spent at any time, wine is not auto-sent. You’ll have to put in your information to become an angel, but you can cancel this before ever being charged the original deposit. When you first use the $100 off voucher you are able to quit the membership prior to becoming a angel.

This option is the best because it allows you to get a mixed case, red case or all white wine case for only $79.99. You’ll have to put in your information to become an angel, but like I said you can cancel this before ever being charged the original deposit. However, I will personally be sticking around to continue to try new delicious wine.


The wines I tried sent me six diffrent wines to try first and I was blown away by them. Here are my personal reviews of each wine.

  • Matt Parish Old Vine Zinfandel Contra Costa County 2017: I am a big fan of Old Vine Zinfandels and this one did not disappoint. It was bold and peppery with a nice balance of acidity. I paired it with some nice strong cheese at a friends party!
  • Alex and Ryan Present: Rudy’s Petite Syrah 2016: Y’all probably know that I am a big fan of Petite Syrah and so I was thrilled to try this one. This one was a beautiful deep red with tons of tannin structure. It had nice hints of blackberry and plum with a little tartness to it. Could definitely use some time to breathe after opening.
  • DRG Daryl Groom Barossa Zinfandel Shiraz 2017: This one was a unique blend from Australia. It had a nice medium body, was fruit forward and extremely smooth.
  • Matt laconic California White Can 2018 2 pack: This one was such a pleasant surprise. I haven’t tried too many canned wines but I really loved this one. It’s a white blend and was super juicy and bright. Will definitely be getting this one again!
  • Matt laconic California Rose Can 2018 2 pack: This one was probably my least favorite but not because it was bad, I am just very picky about my roses. It was juicy with a little sweetness to it and hints of cherries.
  • Jean Philippe Moulin Champagne Rose: Last but not least this had to be my favorite. I love champagne and this one is worth twice as much as it costs. It was dry with small bubbles and hints of strawberries. I will be ordering a lot of this for the summer.

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