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Wander to Beauty is a lifestyle blog about living a stunning and spontaneous life on a budget. As a traveler and lover of all things fashion and beauty this blog is a way to help encourage other women to live with chicness, zest, and wanderlust. Think of Wander to Beauty as a step in the right direction to achieving your beauty, traveling or thrifting goals. If you walk away from this blog with just a tiny bit of extra spark in your heart then my mission for Wander to Beauty would be fulfilled.

Wander to Beauty is also a place for your voice to be heard and to connect with others so always choose to be brave and post any comments or questions you may have!



About the blogger

My name is Mikayla Evarose Tencer and I’m a passionate twenty-something year-old college student on the pursuit of making my heart shine. Moments like when you pet a small fluffy dog or put on your favorite outfit give you that feeling of pure happiness felt deep in your core. That feeling is exactly what I want to feel every day of my life and along the way help anyone and everyone I can feel that way too.

As a self-supporting college student staying budget friendly is also a high priority of mine, so I want to share my secrets of achieving that feeling of gleam on a budget.

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